An Online YUMA Journey through the Elements with Annabelle Sharman

This is an Online Program

The YUMA Spirit Cloth Creation Journey is an Online Group Program.

You will connect with Annabelle Sharman to create your custom YUMA Spirit Cloth that will represent your Dreaming and Healing Medicine.

This a strong rise, search and need for a deeper connection and immersion to Self, Spirit & Mother Earth. You will learn, embrace, nurture and heal whilst engaged in your unique Creation.

YUMA Spirit Cloth Creation Journey is a unique blend of Holistic Healing and Spiritual Guidance with your Spirit Cloth to represent your Dreaming and Healing Medicine.

I Invite you to Join me on an Experience and Immersion of Cultural Wisdom Natural Earth, Elemental Connection + Medicine. 

I Invite you to join me on an experience and immersion of Cultural wisdom Natural Earth, elemental connection + medicine. So you can fully connect, understand, respect, honour and embody the YUMA Healing and medicine when they wear, own or use their Spirit Cloth.

The YUMA Healing Model philosophy and guiding principles empowers you to BE your Own Healer and BE the Medicine. And when we can BE Self Spirit & Mother Earth, we can Live In Oneness, become and BE Oneness.  

The thread of Spirit weaves through us.
She spins through nature tying together the Elements linking us with Ancestors.
And in our returning, we follow the Spirit thread Home.
She is the invisible strands that catch the light at dawn.
She is always there. She always was.


This Online Workshop mirrors the In-person Spirit Cloth Creation Workshop Gatherings up on the Murray ’, the difference being the group will be connected via zoom. And the is Beauty is you will be in your very own sacred space.

What you'll receive in the mail:

  • A very unique Spiritual, Grounding and Healing experience
  • Your own YUMA Spirit Cloth Creation Kit
  • Your personal CLOTH - a blank canvas for your Creation to work with each session
  • Must commit to TWO sessions
    Session 1 = 60-minutes &
    Session 2 = Whole day connection at select times throughout the day


  • 10% discount to the Annual Spirit Cloth Gathering


  • Just BE. 
  • Create your Own Flow
  • Show up when and where you are in your Personal Sacred Space 
  • No pressure and judgment to perform 
  • Access what you have
  • Be guided + only take what you need - Physically, Energetically and Spiritually. 

Note:Take only what you need - meaning when it is time for Creation and placement of Sacred items upon your Cloth use foliage from windfall. Pay reverence to the Plants, Nature + Mother for her Medicine and Offerings. 


  • Session 1:
    - 60-min ONLINE Group Connection
    - Welcome and Introduction of YUMA + Live In Oneness.
    - Group Introductions.
    - Seeds of Oneness Blessing, Initiation and Healing Intention
  • Session 2:
    Live Creation Day
    - Live group connection throughout the day at set times
    - Introduce Elements and Water Ceremony
    - Spirit Cloth Creation & Brewing
    -Creation of Smudge Sticks 
    - Meditation - Discussion - Reflections
    - Gather back for online circle to Unravel Cloths and
        Blessing then  closing Ceremony 

MY YUMA Spirit Cloth Creation Journey


In 2015, I experienced deep cultural healing under the gum trees beside the Murray River. At that moment I was guided to create a Cloth for protection, calming and for healing. Eucalyptus gums, energy + reiki energy were infused into my special Cloth.

I commenced creating more and overtime since 2017 shared the creation in my HOPE Healing Camps and Retreats along the Murray River and area.

I was able to offer Spirit Cloths for retail as I developed and grew my business since 2020 and now deeply enjoy creating Collections.


They have travelled where they were deeply needed the most during the profound shift in consciousness manifesting on Mother Earth and a sense of transitioning into a new way of Being.

There is a huge search and need for genuine and authentic connection to Self, Spirit + Mother Earth, all of which the Spirit Cloth and YUMA embody.

There is magnificent deep gratitude from recipients worldwide who were able to Breathe, Heal and Connect with their unique SPIRIT Cloths, and it’s medicine. Some felt a gentle strength, wisdom and healing of their Cloths for their person


What surprised me greatly was that others felt the Spirit Cloths vibrational wisdom was worthy of an invitation into healing spaces, rooms, circles and clients. It surprised me maybe because that was not my stated intention, however, the need was greater.

I trusted they would go where they were greatly needed. As a result, YUMA Spirit Cloth Creation Journey, a unique blend of Holistic Healing and Spiritual Guidance with a Spirit Cloth to represent your Dreaming and Healing Medicine was birthed and offered in a weekend in-person workshop gatherings and through therapeutic group workshops.

Now I will deliver this as an Online Offering from November 2021.

It is my honour to offer this experience and Creation Journey to you in your own sacred space at home, particularly in these new times where travel and workshops are uncertain.I offer you my connection, Spirit, knowledge, wisdom and YUMA healing way and look forward to being witness to your unique Creation.

By nurturing a deeper connection to your own Self, Spirit and Mother Earth on your Journey to ONENESS, you will experience a greater understanding and immersion in Earth Medicine.

I will walk with you through your personal journey and be a witness to celebrating and honouring your uniqueness, beauty and amazingness so you can live the most empowered life and BE.

Your time with me may also be a cultural immersion and together we will generate conversations about Aboriginal Australia and your connection to Earth medicine.

As you create and unravel your YUMA Spirit Cloth your Being will rest, breathe, connect, heal and restore balance to integrate a nurturing vibrational daily practice of lasting self-care.


We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and all Custodians on the Land and Waterways in which we work, live and Journey on. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.